The band numbers 23 members and is a first class one, five of the men having been in regular army bands. Clare E. Burleigh of Kalamazoo, the drum major, is a worthy wielder of the baton. He spent eight years of his boyhood with the 19th U. S. Infantry at Ft. Dodge, Ft. Leavenworth, Kas., and Ft. Brown, Texas. He afterwards attended the Michigan Military Academy and was a member of Company C, Second Infantry, Michigan National Guard. He enlisted in the 35th as corporal of Company G and was promoted to the position of drum major July 25.


     Charles O. Ward, a banker of Alma, is chief musician of the regiment and leader of the band. He did some admirable work in getting the band in shape and his work has shown him to be a true artist. In the early days of camp, the musicians took to the woods for their practice. On one of these occasions a fire broke out, and it will never be known just what particular tune gave origin to the flames.


Number mustered 1,326
Number married men 58
Number foreign born 158
Number who cannot write 5
Number farmers 240
Number lawyers and doctors 20
Number school teachers 21
Average age 24 Years
Average height

5 feet 8 inches


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